Moon Hunters Walkthrough

Moon Hunters Walkthrough

Moon Hunters Walkthrough

Moon Hunters is a new indie adventure and fantasy co-op video game released on 11th March, 2016. The game is full of ancient and fantasy world which will be different every time you start a new game. The concept here in the game is that your story will be remembered in the sky with your choices and decision that you will make when progressing in the story of the Moon Hunters.

A really cool concept, but that’s not all you can play this game from many angels to uncover new personalities of characters and other side stories in the game. There are total 6 character classes with 4 hometowns these characters has their own distinct abilities and skills and you can upgrade their abilities during your run in the game.

Your main goal here in the game is to find missing Moon goddess and for this you will travel different parts of the world. In your search for the goddess you’ll write your own tale and becomes a living legend. That’s how the game is supposed to entertain you, but it will be more difficult than reading this. So, we have brought you a complete walkthrough of the game so that you can easily finish your game.

As we have said earlier the game has many other side stories and it’s pretty easy to lose focus from the story and then it will be difficult to end the game. Just watch these walkthrough videos and you are completely set to finish the game. This walkthrough video series is made by Negark, and I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Moon Hunters Walkthrough – Part 1

Moon Hunters Walkthrough – Part 2

Moon Hunters Walkthrough – Part 3

Moon Hunters Walkthrough – Part 4

Moon Hunters Walkthrough – Part 5

Moon Hunters Walkthrough – Part 6

Moon Hunters Walkthrough – Part 7

Moon Hunters: Walkthrough – Part 8