Monster Hunter Generations Character Creation Guide

Monster Hunter Generations Character Creation Guide

Monster Hunter Generations Character Creation Guide

Monster Hunter Generations is a role playing action video game that is developed and published by a well known company, Capcom. The game is recently released for Europe and North America in the month of July, 2016. Previously the game was released way back in 2015 in Japan with a title Monster Hunter X.

Just like the previous titles in the Monster Hunter game series, players will be fighting dangerous monsters and creatures in Monster Hunter Generations. In this new game players will enjoy new combat styles, quest and some new special attacks. And you can also play as Felynes in Monster Hunter Generations which was previously a companion of the players.

The first thing that you’ll do when you start the game is that you create and customize your character. The character creation is pretty simple and easy same as in previous games of the series. All the Monster Hunter Generations character creation options are cosmetics and doesn’t involve any consequences in your gameplay.

Monster Hunter Generations Character Creation Guide:

In Monster Hunter Generations Character Creation Guide we will show you how you can easily create an awesome character in this action-RPG Monster Hunter Generations. As we have mentioned above that the creating a character is purely cosmetic and it does not impact any changes in your game. Monster Hunter Generation is not a typical Role Playing game; the class in the game is determined by the general play style, hunting methods used, and equipment carried by the players.

Monster Hunter Generations Character Creation - Hunter Arts

A choice of the Hunter Arts, which often thought to be an irreversible decision, can be easily changed at any time during your play through. To change the Hunter Arts and appearance of your character, you should go to the character’s home. To do this, you’ve to interact with chest. However, the only exception here is the sex of your character, name and facial appearance. All these things are permanent.

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Monster Hunter Generations Character Creation - Game Settings

Another important decision that you have to make during the character creation is a choice of user interface. You can either choose Type A or Type B. These options are described as sets for the beginners and for the advanced players, respectively. But that’s not the case entirely. Type B option is definitely for the players who have an old 3DS or 2DS without the Circle Pad Pro.

Type A option is better for the players who have a new Nintendo 3DS, or an old 3DS but with an additional analogue stick. The players with New 3DS or 3DS with Circle Pad Pro do not need the touch d-pad to controlling the camera. Additionally, the Type A option brings mini-map down to lower screen of a console, which works really bad during the combat.