Mobius Final Fantasy Friend Tickets

Mobius Final Fantasy Friend Tickets

Mobius Final Fantasy Friend Tickets

Mobius Final Fantasy is an action role playing game from Square Enix for IOS/Android based devices. In the game you will play as Warrior of Light and navigate in a world called Palamecia. The gameplay of Mobius Final Fantasy is pretty simple and you can easily get use to it. The game offer fast travel system with progressively unlocked map as you progress through the game and story.

There are various features in Mobius Final Fantasy that are similar to previously released home console Final Fantasy games such as exploration and leveling system. There are some other features like ability cards, Job cards, Friend Tickets and card augment that can be confusing for some players.

How to Get Friend Tickets in Mobius Final Fantasy:

In Mobius Final Fantasy Friend Tickets guide we will  show you how and where you can spend the Friend Tickets currency in this action-rpg Mobius Final Fantasy.

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To spend the Friend Tickets in Mobius Final Fantasy, first you need to earn it. For this you have to choose a card that other can rent it from you whenever they start the mission. To do this just got to Social menu and there select Profile, in this option you can choose a card, comment and the Spirit. Whenever you put a pretty powerful card, you should be able to get 10 Friend Tickets when you log off for a couple of hours.

Now that you have some Friend Tickets, it’s time to spend them.

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How to Spend Friend Tickets in Mobius Final Fantasy:

When you have some Friend Tickets (currency) just head to the Shop menu and here scroll down to go to the Summon Cards. This is the place where you’ll be spending Magicite and Summon Tickets to unlock the rare and some powerful cards. Another thing you can get here is some new potential jobs to play. However, this is also the place where you can spend the friend Tickets. Just choose The Cactuar Summon and pay with Friend Tickets. They’re fantastic for leveling the cards fast and they can easily make a lot of gil or can unlock new skills on the cards that you already have.