Mafia 3 Trophy Guide

Mafia 3 Trophy Guide

Mafia 3 Trophy Guide

The new and latest game in Mafia game series, Mafia 3 is just few days away from release. The game will hit the stores on 7th October for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Same as previous games in the series it will be an action-adventure game. The game has an epic story complemented with stunning graphics and an awesome gameplay experience. The world map in the game is pretty vast, you can fit both maps from previous Mafia games in it, and I know this thing will definitely appeal various fans.

The game has plenty of missions, activities, quests and tasks for players to complete in Mafia 3. And most of the activities/actions are linked to unlockable trophies for PlayStation 4. In Mafia 3 Trophy Guide we will show you the list of all the trophies in Mafia 3 and we will also tell you how to unlock them.

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Mafia 3 Trophy Guide:

There are a total of 56 Trophies in the game including secret ones. You can unlock these trophies for PlayStation 4 version of the game. You will unlock 1 Platinum, 50 bronze, 4 Silver and 1 Gold Trophy in the game. Following is the list of all the Trophies in Mafia 3;

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Mafia 3 Trophies:

1 – Before They Bury You (Gold Trophy): You need to complete ‘Before They Bury You’ to unlock this Trophy.

2 – Pray on the Way Up (Bronze Trophy): You need to complete ‘Pray on the Way Up’ to unlock this Trophy.

3 – It’s a Brave New World (Bronze Trophy): You need to complete ‘It’s a Brave New World’ to unlock this Trophy.

4 – Fish Gotta Eat (Bronze Trophy): You need to complete ‘Fish Gotta Eat’ to unlock this Trophy.

5 – Everyone Will Notice (Bronze Trophy): You need to complete ‘Everyone Will Notice’ to unlock this Trophy.

6 – My Name is Lincoln Clay (Bronze Trophy): You need to complete ‘My Name is Lincoln Clay’ to unlock this Trophy.

7 – Little Late for That (Bronze Trophy): You need to complete ‘Little Late for That’ to unlock this Trophy.

8 – The Poor Sumb**** (Bronze Trophy): You need to complete ‘The Poor Sumb****’ to unlock this Trophy.

9 – Burn Like Napalm (Silver Trophy): You need to complete ‘Burn Like Napalm’ to unlock this Trophy.

10 – Certainly Was Exciting (Silver Trophy): You need to complete ‘Certainly Was Exciting’ to unlock this Trophy.

11 – Yet Here We Are (Silver Trophy): You need to complete ‘Yet Here We Are’ to unlock this Trophy.

12 – Somethin’ I’ve Gotta Do (Bronze Trophy): You need to complete ‘Somethin’ I’ve Gotta Do’ to unlock this Trophy.

13 – For Old Time’s Sake (Bronze Trophy): You need to complete ‘For Old Time’s Sake’ to unlock this Trophy.

14 – Cut & Run (Bronze Trophy): You need to complete ‘Cut & Run’ to unlock this Trophy.

15 – We Partners Now (Bronze Trophy): You need to complete ‘We Partners Now’ to unlock this Trophy.

16 – Sure Thing, Boss (Bronze Trophy): Unlock all the Associates.

17 – IRA Don’t Ask (Bronze Trophy): You need to complete ‘IRA Don’t Ask’ to unlock this Trophy.

18 – I Need a Favor (Bronze Trophy): You need to complete ‘I Need a Favor’ to unlock this Trophy.

19 – .45 in My Hand (Bronze Trophy): You need to complete ‘.45 in My Hand’ to unlock this Trophy.

20 – Cash in Hand (Bronze Trophy): Save/Deposit $ 150,000 between the wallet and bank.

21 – Baby, You’re a Rich Man (Bronze Trophy): Earn $ 500,000.

22 – Racketeer (Bronze Trophy): Get a maximum earn from one of the Rackets you own.

23 – Hole in Your Pocket (Bronze Trophy): Spend a minimum of $ 500,000.

24 – Big Earner (Bronze Trophy): Receive $ 10,000 in earn from an Under-boss.

25 – The New Boss (Bronze Trophy): Flip a total of 16 Racket Bosses.

26 – Live Another Day (Bronze Trophy): Recruit a total of 15 Racket Informants.

27 – No Loose Ends (Bronze Trophy): Kill all the Racket Bosses.

28 – Can’t Trust a Rat (Bronze Trophy): Kill a total of 15 Racket Informants.

29 – Custom 358 (Bronze Trophy): Drive for 20 seconds at a speed of 120 mph or faster.

30 – Testing the Shocks (Bronze Trophy): While driving a vehicle, perform a jump of 50-meter and then successfully land on the wheels. Watch our Mafia 3 How to Unlock Testing the Shocks Trophy/Achievement guide to unlock this trophy.

31 – New Bordeaux Drifter (Bronze Trophy): Succefully drift for a minimum of 5 seconds.

32 – One Good Turn (Bronze Trophy): Without hitting anything, make 180 degree turn at a very high speed..

33 – Wrecker (Bronze Trophy): Execute a total of 10 Vehicle Take-downs.

34 – Combat Specialist (Bronze Trophy): Kill a total of 300 enemies via Take-downs.

35 – Shh, shh (Bronze Trophy): Perform a total of 100 Stealth Take-downs on your enemies.

36 – Closed Casket (Bronze Trophy): Perform a total of 50 Brutal Take-downs.

37 – Softened ‘Em Up (Bronze Trophy): Completely weaken the Racket by eliminating all the Enforcers.

38 – I’m Goin’ In! (Bronze Trophy): Attack the Racket without killing the Enforcers.

39 – Standard Communication Grid (Bronze Trophy): Wiretap Delray Hollow Smack Racket.

40 – Recruited to 5th SFG (Bronze Trophy): Perform a total of 5 head-shots in just 5 seconds.

41 – Bon Appétit! (Bronze Trophy): Feed the body to alligator.

42 – Next Time Swim Faster (Bronze Trophy): Just get eaten by alligator.

43 – Sending A Message (Bronze Trophy): Chain together 3 / 3+ Brutal Take-downs.

44 – Code 112 (Bronze Trophy): Steal the Police car.

45 – Insurance Risk (Bronze Trophy): Escape the Police Zone after 2 minutes of being chased

46 – Flambé (Bronze Trophy): Just kill 10 of your enemies with their own Molotovs

47 – Real Nice Time (Silver Trophy): Just complete the ‘Real Nice Time’ to get this Trophy.

48 – The Connection to Cuba (Bronze Trophy): Just complete the ‘The Connection to Cuba’ to get this Trophy.

49 – There’s a War Goin’ On (Bronze Trophy): Just complete the ‘There’s a War Goin’ On’ to get this Trophy.

50 – Jesuit in New Mexico (Bronze Trophy): Just complete the ‘Jesuit in New Mexico’ to get this Trophy.

51 – Never Saw it Coming (Bronze Trophy): Kill the enemy in just 2 seconds of kick-open door.

Mafia 3 Secret Trophies:

52 – We’re in This Together (Bronze Trophy): Keep every Under-bosses alive until the ‘Yet Here We Are’.

53 – Just You and Me (Bronze Trophy): Just keep 1 Underboss alive until the ‘Yet Here We Are’.

54 – Trust (Bronze Trophy): Reach Loyal state with 1 of your Under-boss.

55 – Family (Bronze Trophy): Reach Loyal state with every Under-boss.

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56 – Let the Good Times Roll (Platinum Trophy): Unlock all the above trophies.