Level Up Fast in Overwatch

Level Up Fast in Overwatch

Level Up Fast in Overwatch

In Level Up Fast in Overwatch guide you will going to learn the fastest ways to level up in Overwatch for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. So the question is why would you want to level up fast in Overwatch? Well most importantly more levels means more loot boxes which means more awesome cosmetics for your favorite heroes.

Every level earned in Overwatch will grant you loot box with 4 random cosmetics including skins, animations, etc. You will also get faster access to ranked plays starting at level 25 and you can get more competitive action in Overwatch. Ranked plays also going to result in you leveling up faster due to the ways like with less time spent in lobbies and more time spent in actual matches.

Finally, it’s just for the bragging rights, to be the first of your friends to have that Level 100. There’s no downside to leveling up, it doesn’t hurt your match making experience, hidden MMR system deals with all that. Your level is purely an indication of your play time and there is no max level, so you’ll never run out of loot opportunities. There is ton of loot to collect in the game plus its always worth saving up coins to be the first to buy new skins on their release day.

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So let’s get started with the tips on How to Level Up Fast in Overwatch:

  • Group Up with your friends, if you are in a group of between two to six players, you will get a 20% extra XP during and at the end of your match which is really massive. Don’t have any friends yet then start making some, chat with guys in your lobby and invite them to your game. When its done, you will be officially in a group and earning that big XP bonus.
  • On average you will be earning 200 XP per minute in a game and with the 20% bonus it will be 240 XP in a group. There is no maximum limit for super long matches, so the longer the match is the more XP you will earn. And this is nothing to do with the skills, as long as you are in a match and the clock is ticking you are earning XP and you will also get variety of XP bonuses at the end of every single match.
  • You will get a flat 200 XP bonus for completing a match regardless of win or lose.
  • You will get 500 XP Bonus for winning a Match.
  • You will get 600 XP Bonus if you are in a group with 20% bonus.
  • You are also be competing for the top spot on your own team and will earn gold medals. You will get 150 XP with the gold medal. These gold medals can be received for doing the most kills, dealing most damage or healing allies.
  • Play consecutive matches to get the 200 XP bonus.
  • You will get 1500 XP bonus for your first win: play Overwatch and win every day to get the 1500 XP bonus. You will also Get 500 XP every time you win a subsequent match.
  • You can get a 400 XP bonus for Backfilling: Help in matchmaking will get your 400 XP bonus.

How to Level Up Fast in Overwatch

If you get to level 101 then your level will be reset to level 1 and earn a new star or color for your end match portray that shows on the score boards. Hitting this prestige level is great because this means you are back at the fast leveling stage of level 1 to level 23 which means more loot. It’s a nice reward for passing those milestones.

XP Needed for Level Up Fast in Overwatch:

Level 1: 1,500 XP

Level 2: 3,000 XP

Level 3: 4,500 XP

Level 4: 6,000 XP

Level 5: 7,500 XP

Level 6: 8,500 XP

Level 7: 9,500 XP

Level 8: 10,500 XP

Level 9: 11,500 XP

Level 10: 12,500 XP

Level 11: 13,500 XP

Level 12: 14,500 XP

Level 13: 15,500 XP

Level 14: 16,500 XP

Level 15: 17,500 XP

Level 16: 18,500 XP

Level 17: 19,000 XP

Level 18: 19,500 XP

Level 19: 20,000 XP

Level 20: 20,500 XP

Level 21: 21,000 XP

Level 22: 21,500 XP

Level 23-100: 22,000 XP (for each level)

I hope this will help you level fast in Overwatch, if you have some more tips please feel free to share with us in the comments below!

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