Inside Game Review

  • 10/10
    Inside Game Review - One LIMBO to Another - 10/10

Inside Game Review

Inside clearly builds upon what made the LIMBO great. Its final act may leave you confused and speechless. It is a ride that you will feel to take again. Play INSIDE asap before someone spoils the big moment.

Inside Game Review

Inside Game Review

The first ten minutes of Inside, a Playdead’s long awaited LIMBO follow up, swing between being hunting, terrifying and beautiful. Sometimes it’s all 3 at the same time. From there, INSIDE adds wonder shock and intrigue and look back. For this reason, it is best if you play INSIDE completely blind to discover the game for yourself.

But if you need some convincing, then keep reading on this thought-provoking, mysterious and visually stunning masterpiece. In Inside Game Review, Funkyvideogames presents a complete review of the latest adventure and puzzle platformer video game INSIDE from Playdead.

Inside is simply one of the most stunning and amazing games I have ever played. Every frame in the game is carefully crafted and refined. The raindrops splashing down to a golden sunlight glowing onto your unnamed boy avatar through the window, everything is stunning.

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Everything has artist’s undivided and full attention. I often stopped to admire environment and my surroundings, moody lighting and even an eerily worrisome sound design. You can hear him breathing hard after he is been running for quite a while. You can also see him stumble after the boy jumps and then sticks a running landing. Gray paints most of the game and red color is used to draw your eyes where designers want you to go.

Inside Review

Camera work in the game is also admirable; perspective only shifts slightly. But there is always a visual reward wen camera pulls further out, moves closer in or even changes angle.

Nothing that I say, can prepare you for a wordless and vague events of the Playdead’s puzzle platformer. But without ruining it, it seems impossible to not be shocked by what the INSIDE has stored for you. As you break into game’s militaristic complex and plumb its increasingly strange depths for 3 well-paced hours.It continually changes in unexpected ways. When you are in one-man submarine, it is only a start of the mystery.

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I’m still thinking about Inside, what this game means and what it says about humanity. After playing through it twice. INSIDE’s gameplay is very similar to the LIMBO’s simple but atmospheric puzzle platforming. Deaths are frequent, unavoidable and unfair, but they are lessons that teach you what not to do and what to do.

Something has to, because there are no spoken or on-screen instructions. And when the character dies, animations of his demise are so varied and at times be entertaining and sometimes unnerving. Checkpoints are liberal enough and the load times are brief enough that a death never feels like penalty.

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Like in the Limbo, your only buttons are interact and jump, with subtle cues of light or hue directing you to go where you need to go. The puzzles in INSIDE are easier than those in the Limbo. The puzzles are intuitive enough and the handful of puzzle mechanics are mixed enough that Inside never bores you or appears to be repetitive.

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As a short game INSIDE wisely ends before the game runs out of ideas to maintain its freshness. And Inside’s puzzles, serve as a vehicle that drives the storytelling. No explanation is given in the game for why this boy is alone at night in the woods, nor why he enters into a mysterious facility, or what the boy hopes to achieve: much less who is his enemy. Things happen in INSIDE that are indescribable. It is dreamlike that it can start in grounded and logical way but it ends up some where fantastical.

I suggest you to play this game, both because it’s a masterpiece and also because it’d be a crime to ruined what happens here. I can guarantee you that you’ll not expect where the Inside goes.