How to Start Fallout 4 Vault Tec Workshop DLC

How to Start Fallout 4 Vault Tec Workshop DLC

Throughout the main story of  Fallout 4 and in other various expansion packs/DLCs that are released, players have had all kinds of chances to explore hidden Vaults in the Commonwealth. Now in the new DLC Vault Tec Workshop you’ll be able to construct and manage your own vaults. And you can perform different experiments on the dwellers in this DLC.

In How to Start Fallout 4 Vault Tec Workshop DLC guide we will help you start the Vault Tec Workshop DLC in Fallout 4 and also help you find a Overseer of Vault 88. The Overseer of Vault 88 will provide you new and unique quest to enjoy.

How to Start Fallout 4 Vault Tec Workshop DLC:

To start Vault Tec Workshop DLC in Fallout 4, first you must have reached level 20. Once you’ve reached this level, you will pick up a new quest called ‘Vault Tec Calling’ and a radio signal called ‘Vault 88 Radio Signal’ an emergency distress beacon will activate for all the Vault Tec employees. All Vault Tec employees will be able to hear  this in the Commonwealth from any place.

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If you are not a Vault Tec employee then you have to shoot one and steal its clothes to hear that radio signal. So now open up the Pip-boy and then navigate to Vault 88 Radio Beacon which is located bottom of the map between School and Quincy Quarries. Here you will find the entrance to the Vault 88 but remember the entrance is guarded by bunch of raiders.

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One thing to note that Bethesda is recommending a level 35 for the space where the DLC is taking place. So before jumping into the DLC, make sure that you are well prepared. If you find yourself struggling with the enemies, just explore the world to level up. When you start the Vault Tec Workshop DLC it will provide you new quest to complete and new characters to chat to experiment on.

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In addition to new crafting options, Bethesda also added different new items to game’s Workshop, such as new generator to produces 500 Power, vault-themed décor, new furniture and wacky objects that you’ll create in experiments with the Overseer Barstow.