How to Defeat Bolt Cutter Boss in ReCore

How to Defeat Bolt Cutter Boss in ReCore

How to Defeat Bolt Cutter Boss in ReCore

ReCore is an adventure sci-fi and action video game with some aspects of puzzle solving. The game has various boss fights some are easy to defeat but others are very tough and difficult. But don’t worry we got you covered for this Bolt Cutter Boss fight.

In ReCore you will encounter Bolt Cutter boss in Core Foundry during the Departure mission. When you reach tram station and interact with the terminal, Bolt Cutter will appear and attack. When you defeat this boss, you will get Prismatic Core and unlock ‘So You’re Victor’ achievement. In How to Defeat Bolt Cutter Boss in ReCore guide we will show you how you can defeat the Bolt Cutter Boss in this action-adventure game ReCore.

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How to Defeat Bolt Cutter Boss in ReCore:

Before the boss fight starts, make sure that you have maxed out Mack’s lethals. When the Bolt Cutter Boss spawns, try to get behind him as soon as possible. The place near the door is perfect because it has more cover to offer. From time to time Bolt Cutter will spawn add on enemies such as blue flies. These flies do not care for the cover so pick them first before attacking the Bolt Cutter. These flies sure don’t deal much damage, but it’ll stack up over time.

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Bolt Cutter has a barrage attack which is pretty easy to hide from, if you are near the door area I mentioned above. This boss also has an AoE attack that is also easy to dodge. Just let your robot companions irritate him while you slowly attack him and chip away his health.

Summon Seth until Bolt Cutter changes his color to blue. When he does change the color, switch to Mack and start attacking with his Lethals. A couple of Mack’s Lethals will stun him. This is the time when you start attacking him with the charged shots.

How to Defeat Bolt Cutter Boss in ReCore - Rockets

Just before his defeat, he will summon some meaty minions. Remember one thing that these minions are equipped with rockets, so make sure to dispose them of asap. Use dash to avoid these homing rockets. If you can use the companion’s attack to speed all this up, do not hesitate.

You can extract the Bolt Cutter when his health is below the white line. Be cautious and gentle; the line can easily snap and it’ll let him regenerate health and ultimately prolongue the fight.