How to Customize Loadouts in Battlefield 1

How to Customize Loadouts in Battlefield 1

How to Customize Loadouts in Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is out now and it’s getting pretty great reviews from gamers and reviewers all around the globe. This game introduces some new features and elements that we haven’t experienced in any previous games. The one important change this game has is customization options for Weapon Loadouts.

If you don’t know how to customize or change your weapons in Battlefield 1 then don’t worry we got you covered. In How to Customize Loadouts in Battlefield 1 we will show you Battlefield 1’s customization system and how to choose your loadouts.

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How to Customize Loadouts in Battlefield 1:

Every class in the game has three different loadouts that you can customize and swamp through on-the-fly as you spawn into the games. Before Spawning in use the bottom bar to choose something quick or click customize to get into all the details.

How to Customize Loadouts in Battlefield 1 - Weapons How to Customize Loadouts in Battlefield 1 - Customize

Each class has about 4 different weapons with 3 or so variations changing the effectiveness at different ranges by changing optics, hit fire accuracy and even fire modes between semi-auto, full-auto or burst. All of these items will be predesignated when you select your specific gun.

You cannot still go in and modify a weapon but it’s more limited to what you can do. When you unlock a gun all the modification options will be unlocked except for Camos. But many of the modifications are dependent on the type of gun you are looking at.

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For all guns, you can adjust the magnification although it depend on the gun for how much you can change as well as the look of the optic, whether it’s an iron sight (2 variations) or a scope where you can change the radical. In addition, for full auto heavy recoil guns, you can actually choose which direction the recoil will go to better fine-tune your aiming.

Factors Involved in Customizing Loadouts:

As you level up your class, besides weapon, you will also be able to unlock more equipment. Although there’s no best answer on which class or customization is the best. Following are the biggest factors considered when making your decision;

1st factor is Game Mode? Are you on Offense or Defense? If you are to push on to an objective. It’s probably better to have more medics with you to bring up fallen comrades. This will allow you to keep pushing and hold down spawns. If you are on Defense then may be it’s worth having more snipers and mortars dropping fire down and annoying those enemies who are trying to capture the objective.

2nd factor is vehicles. You should always have an anti-class ready because vehicles are one of the biggest power houses in the game. And you should deal with them almost immediately.

3rd factor is Map Size. In more open areas snipers and medics with their long range rifles as well as certain support LMGs will be at huge advantage over people carrying shotguns.

Use all of the above factors when starting the game. but make your final decision on what your squad needs. If your team is getting destroyed and you’re losing. And the enemy tanks are all over the place and your whole team is sniper only. Then you should switch to assault with the dynamite to take them out or just quit the game.