Homefront The Revolution Review

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    Homefront The Revolution Review - 5/10

Homefront The Revolution Review

Homefront The Revolution has stunning world with great new ideas but defeated by tedious gameplay, sluggish gunplay, repetitive & unpolished elements and terrible story.

Homefront The Revolution Review

Homefront The Revolution Review

The new installment in Homefront series, Homefront The Revolution is an action open world first person shooter video game form Deep Silver released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In the game you will lead a Resistance movement in occupied Philadelphia and try to inspire people with your actions. In Homefront The Revolution Review we will look at different elements of the game and conclude at the end that what is good and bad in the game.

Homefront The Revolution introduces a compelling story and playing the game in first person shooter and open world format sounds promising but Homefront The Revolution let us down once again. There are genuinely good ideas in the game but mostly all of these ideas comes with big hairy and  fat butt. Thanks to tedious gameplay, a terrible story and a general lack of polish, Homefront The Revolution fails to make its 20 hour campaign worthwhile.

Where the Homefront The Revolution does deliver is in its world building. The back story of North Korea occupied the United States remains present in every part of Philadelphia. From bombed homes to historic landmarks converted into propaganda covered reeducation centers, the authoritarian atmosphere is ever present.

What I did manage to finally convince the citizens of each district to rise against up their oppressors, the change was palpable not just because of some neighborhood area was now on fire. It’s a shame that a well crafted world is squandered on such an uninspired and ponderous plot.

Homefront The Revolution Review

The story of the game is nothing more than a string of forgettable mission objectives swung together with cliches pulled form big book of military shooter troops. It presented by cast of characters who spent all of their time yelling over one another with grown worthy one liners.

Well there are plenty of discussions meant for us to consider the fine line between freedom fighter and terrorist, anyway these moments might have lost when our boring and silent protagonist blindly agrees or silently nods to blow up next power station, drone factory or whatever else the resistance point him at.

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THe good news is the blowing up of military police station isn’t awful, it’s just extremely repetitive. You arrive in a district to blow up enough of trucks and fuel tanks with homemade bombs strap to RC cars to inspire population to take back and rise up. There are some plot based story missions to do and then its off to the next district where you will do it all over again and again until Homefront The Revolution is just sort of ends.

And you cannot go back to finish anything you may have missed even if you wanted to. These repetitive sabotage missions are familiar combination of first person shooting and stealth. Neither mechanic is worthy of writing about, gun play feel sluggish when compared to Homefront’s finger twitching contemporaries and sneaking through allies and checkpoints is fun for a bit but gets old pretty fast.

Homefront The Revolution does distinguish itself from other realistic military shooters and you are able to carry more than standard two or three guns, thanks to the on-the-fly weapon conversion system. it’s lore friendly solution to a common obstacle with some animations but mechanically, there’s no real difference between this and just letting us carry more weapons.

Homefront The Revolution Review

What makes combat extra frustrating is a surprising number of bugs, enemies will frequently spawn on top of you as you are walking around or they may disappear entirely as you walk around them. One of my personal Favorited is checkpoint save system which on multiple occasions being re-spawn with my weapon holstered in the center of large group of enemies. And this was extra fun because no option to restart mission or generate a custom save, my only option was to fight my way through or start the whole game over again.

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There’s also a co-op resistance mode where squads up to 4 players can tackle missions in various parts of Philadelphia. However, there are only 6 different missions to play, I was confused that why resistance mode includes huge amount of unlockable customization options. Well exploring the world is a bit more fun with other people, I cannot imagine to play these missions more than a couple of time each.

Though Homefront The Revolution’s open world has some great aesthetic choices, ultimately all of the Homefront The Revolution’s elements feel repetitive, unpolished or downright unnecessary. Well it has a lot of  interesting ideas, Homefront The Revolution deliver a satisfying or even fully functional shooter experience.