Hitman Episode 5 Colorado Walkthrough

Hitman Episode 5 Colorado Walkthrough

Hitman Episode 5 Colorado Walkthrough

Hitman 2016 is the latest action-stealth video game in the HITMAN game series. In the Hitman game they have changed the format by introducing an episodic game. In this episodic format the developers will release 1 episode each month and Hitman – Colorado is the 5th Episode in this series.

In Hitman Episode 5 Colorado players will have to eliminate 4 high profile target in a farm compound. It will be an intense infiltration mission with new opportunities, weapons, suit, gears and much more. There are also new Escalation Contracts in this 5th Episode. Apart from the release of Hitman Episode 5 they also released a new update to fix bugs. The name of the main story mission in Hitman Episode 5 Colorado is Freedom Fighters.

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Hitman Episode 5 Colorado Walkthrough:

The new Hitman Episode 5 Colorado is a vital episode in the story of the game and it adds a serious momentum to what has already happened. This Episode 5 is also very important because it will setup a pretty intriguing finale for the Hitman Season.

In Hitman Episode 5 Colorado Walkthrough we will provide you a complete game with beginning to the ending moments including some gameplay and strategy tips. The following walkthrough video is created by NukemDukem, I hope you guys will enjoy it!

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Hitman Episode 5 Colorado Walkthrough – Complete Game with Ending: