Gears of War 4 Achievements Guide

Gears of War 4 Achievements Guide

Gears of War 4 Achievements Guide

Gears of War 4 is an action third person shooter video game form The Coalition. The game is just a day away from release. It’ll be available on 11th October, 2016 for PC and Xbox One. Gears of War 4 is the 5th installment in Gears of War game series with new characters. It is the first game in the series which is not developed by Epic Games so the developers here have a lot to prove. Will the game live up to its hype? We will find out in just a day.

Gears of War 4 is one of the biggest releases of this year and it is surely one of the best games to be released in October, 2016 with Mafia 3 and other great games. Check out Top 10 Best Games of October 2016 guide to learn more about the other biggest releases of this month.

Gears of War 4 has new weapons, gears, new cast of characters and new enemies. The game has plenty of activities and tasks such as collectibles for the players to find in the game. It has 75 achievements for players to unlock in PC as well as in Xbox One version. In Gears of War 4 Achievements Guide we will list all the achievements that you can unlock in the game. We will also provide you some details on how to unlock these achievements. These achievements will also award you 1,000 GameScore points to increase your gamer level.

Gears of War 4 Achievements Guide:

Following is the list of all the achievements including 16 secret achievements. We will also show you how to unlock these achievements;

Gears of War 4 Achievements Guide: (Normal)

1 – Zen and the Art of Reloading (5G Points): Perform a total of 25 perfect active reloads

2 – Level 10 (10G Points): Just reach level 10

3 – Level 50 (25G Points): Just reach level 50

4 – Seriously 4.0 (200G Points): You need to complete Insane Campaign, Horde maps, ribbons, rank placements, classes, re-ups, and 5 skills

5 – Gone With The Windflare (5G Points): Kill a total of 15 enemies using environment during the windflare

6 – Drop the Beat…down. (5G Points): Got 3 Dropshot head shots

7 – The Sound Of Silence (25G Points): Carry the Customized Lancer that Marcus will give you to the end of Chapter 2 of Act V

8 – But You Can’t Pick Your Family (5G Points): Found a total of 5 weapons in the snot bubbles

9 – Ready for More (10G Points): Just complete all the Campaign Acts

10 – Learned the Hard Way (20G Points): Just complete all the Campaign Acts on the Hardcore / Insane difficulty

11 – The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors (30G Points): Just completed all the Campaign Acts on the Insane difficulty

12 – Collector (5G Points): Recover a total of 5 Campaign collectibles

13 – Pack Rat (10G Points): Recover a total of 10 Campaign collectibles

14 – Completist (15G Points): Recover all of the Campaign collectibles

15 – Remember the Fallen (15G Points): Recover all of the COG Tags in the Campaign

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16 – Brothers Till The End (20G Points): Just completed all the Campaign Acts on any difficulty in the Co-op

17 – I Have a Very Particular Set of Skills (5G Points): Upgraded Skill Card to Max level

18 – At First I Was Afraid, I Was Petrified (10G Points): Survive the first 10 consecutive waves of the Horde in squad

19 – Stay Classy (10G Points): Reach level 10 in all the launch Horde classes

20 – Gold Digger (10G Points): Spent a total of 100,000 power in Fabricator (across all the sessions)

21 – Rollin’ With the Homies (5G Points): Earn maximum Consecutive Match Bonus in the Versus

22 – Triple Play (5G Points): Kill 3 enemies with the single Buzzkill shot

23 – I Live. I Die. I Live Again! (5G Points): Rescue someone from inside the Snatcher

24 – Stop Hitting Yourself (5G Points): Using Guardian weapon kill a Guardian

25 – Come And Knock on My Door (5G Points): Complete 1 Act in the Co-op Campaign

26 – Classy Move (5G Points): Reach level 10 in 1 Horde class

27 – Chest Candy (10G Points): Earn 1 of each launch Ribbon

28 – Custom Made (5G Points): Win the Match using non-Starter Character and a non-default Weapon Skin

29 – Ranked and Filed (5G Points): Achieve a rank in all the launch Core and the Competitive game modes

30 – Whoomp, There It Is! (5G Points): They Yanked and you Shanked

31 – Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. (5G Points): Upgrade Fabricator to Max level

32 – Master Craftsman (10G Points): Craft Legendary card

33 – Craftsman (5G Points): Craft a card

34 – Pounsus Interruptus (5G Points): Kill Pouncer mid-pounce with the Shotgun / Chainsaw

35 – Call a Dr. If Lasting More than 4 Teammates (5G Points): Resurrect 4 team members using Fabricator

36 – Thank You, Sir. May I Have Another? (10G Points): Re-up once

37 – Please Sir, Can I Have Some More? (100G Points): Re-up 10 times

38 – Sugar Daddy (10G Points): Deposit 1,000,000 power in Fabricator lifetime

39 – It’s a Start (5G Points): Earn 1,000 Credits lifetime

40 – Moving on up! (10G Points): Earn 10,000 Credits lifetime.

41 – I’m Drumpf (20G Points): Earn 100,000 Credits lifetime

42 – Skills That Make Me a Nightmare (10G Points): Upgrade 5 Skill cards to Max level

43 – I’ve Killed Things, Seen Places (50G Points): Complete a total of 50 consecutive waves of the Horde in the squad on all the Launch Series maps

44 – Bilford Bogin! (25G Points): Complete a total of 50 consecutive waves of the Horde in the squad

45 – Big Ol Hero (5G Points): Get “Big Ol Hero” Ribbon 10 times

46 – Say Hello to My Little Friend (5G Points): Get final winning kill in the Arms Race

47 – Now That’s a Knife! (5G Points): Kill 10 enemies with the combat knife after kicking/yanking

48 – Look out! Uh… Never Mind (5G Points): Kill 25 enemies by dropping the pods on them

49 – Killdozer (5G Points): Run over a total of 15 enemies with Loader

50 – Bounty Hunter (10G Points): Just complete 20 Bounties

51 – How’s it Going to Work? Teamwork! (5G Points): Win the Casual Co-op Versus match

52 – Talent Gets Kills, Teamwork Wins Games! (5G Points): Win the Hardcore Co-op Versus match

53 – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! (5G Points): Win Normal Co-op Versus match

54 – To Go Fast, Go Alone. To Go Far, Go Together (5G Points): Win Insane Co-op Versus match

55 – Give a Name. Any Name. (20G Points): Complete a total of 50 consecutive waves of the Horde as a Sniper on Insane difficulty in the squad in any map

56 – I Have Approximate Knowledge of Many Things (20G Points): Complete a total of 50 consecutive waves of the Horde as a Scout on the Insane difficulty in the squad in any map

57 – Oh What a Day! What a Lovely Day! (20G Points): Completed a total of 50 consecutive waves of the Horde as a Soldier on the Insane difficulty in the squad  in any map

58 – Job’s Done (20G Points): Completed a total of 50 consecutive waves of the Horde as an Engineer on the Insane difficulty in the squad in any map

59 – I Choose Violence (20G Points): Completed a total of 50 consecutive waves of the Horde as a Heavy on the Insane difficulty in the squad in any map

Gears of War 4 Achievements Guide: (Secret)

60 – And We’re Back (5G Points): Complete Prologue and watch the opening credits

61 – And You Said We Couldn’t Fly (5G Points): Ride the ore transporter counterweight cable

62 – As If Snatchers Weren’t Bad Enough (5G Points): Survive Pouncer ambush outside of tram station

63 – Betty’s My Kind of Girl (5G Points): Fight your way to Dam using Second Betty and Jack Jr.

64 – Broadcast This! (5G Points): Defeate Speaker & his Swarmak mount

65 – Jinn’s Overreaction (5G Points): Defeate Vulture while riding on Track Mule

66 – Long Enough We’ll Need This (5G Points): Defend Speyer Radio Tower while waiting for the backup

67 – Looks Like an Elevator to Hell (5G Points): Ride ore transporter to the bottom of a mine

68 – Not Going to Stop Us, Right? (5G Points): Defeate Hive Boss

69 – One Hell of an Exhibit (5G Points): Survive onslaught of Swarm while holding up in a museum

70 – Raiding is what Outsiders Do (5G Points): Liberate the Fabricator from the Settlement 5

71 – Still Not Ironic (5G Points): Restore power to Dam by resetting generators

72 – Warriors, Kings….Wizards. (5G Points): Survive King’s chamber and find a way out of catacombs

73 – Welcome Home (5G Points): Escape from your childhood home

74 – When it Leads to War (5G Points): Defend Outsider Village from COG

75 – You Smell Bad (5G Points): Rescue Marcus from Snatcher pod