Froza Horizon 3 Review

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    Froza Horizon 3 Review - 10/10

Froza Horizon 3 Review

Forza Horizon 3 is an awesome racing game. It looks stunning the world map of Australian is gorgeous. The car customization, multiplayer, music and everything about the game is great. Forza Horizon 3 is a racing game that we’ve all been waiting for.

Froza Horizon 3 Review

Froza Horizon 3 Review

FunkyVideoGames presents another review of a newly released game. In reviews we provide you detailed information about the gamepley, graphics and first impressions of a newly released video games. And today in Froza Horizon 3 Review we will discuss Froza Horizon 3, the latest game in Froza franchise featuring Australia as a world map and awesome 350+ cars.

If you are thinking that racing games are not as diamond as they used to be, well somehow, they still manage to pump out Forza games every single year. I’m not really crazy about the Forza games which are more simulator style games, may be its because I like more personality and flare to my racing games. But thankfully, Forza Horizon games and particularly this Froza Horizon 3 provide all the great things.

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Froza Horizon 3 Review:

If you haven’t played any of the Froza Horizon games, basically what you really need to know is that its open world driving and racing. There’s some of the stuff that you might come expect with a lot of racing games now, there’s a deep customization both visually and mechanically, there’s also hundreds of unique cars and there’s a lot to do in the open world. There are exhibition races, cross country races, sprints, unlockable cars to find in storage containers and Barn Finds.

Froza Horizon 3 Review - Barn Finds

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There are signs to drive through and smash to collect more experience and other bonuses, there are also bucket less challenges and showcase events where things really get excited with kind of scripted moments such as where you’re racing a train or airplane.

Froza Horizon 3 also has a pretty strong multiplayer component with a drivatar system. I don’t know if you guys know about this drivatar system but Froza games are implementing it for awhile. The game basically saves your data, learns and adapt to your driving style/habits and then makes an AI construct attached to your Xbox Live account. So other players who have Froza Horizon 3 and friends with you on Xbox Live can actually race against your own custom artificial intelligence within the game world. This thing is pretty cool because it makes the game alive and give it a little more personality.

On top of that, there are also Multiplayer Co-Op racing that feels stronger than ever and really fun in this Froza Horizon 3. The way the Froza Horizon games are set up is like music festivals. It may sound little corny, but thankfully, it’s kind of in the back burner and it’s not that big of a deal.

In Forza Horizon 3 you are already in the top and going out and growing your festivals even more. Sure there’s the experience points and skill trees to grind through and get new ability and there’s money to earn. But you’re also earning and progressing by literally growing your Fan base by the numbers. And if it sounds a little tacky and corny, it’s not that big of a deal.

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Froza Horizon 3 Review - Earn Money

One thing that I really did appreciate is that all the character that talk to you over the radio are pretty unobtrusive and not really too obnoxious. I really like when a racing game doesn’t try to sell a story because that’s just a waste of time, Forza Horizon 3 forgoes that whole thing. If you’re judging this by like a real open world game, the world may seems like a lifeless. It’s not GTA or Sleeping Dogs teaming with life and activities and stuff like that. But instead, you get a pretty amazing driving opportunities such as sick driving lines across a country at high speed to race courses that pop up in the middle of the desert.

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Basically, what you get here is an open world Australia, and it is incredibly varied and probably the star of this game. There are wet city streets for street racing, there are long straight roads across the outback that you can tear through with a Ferrari and then there are jungles and desert trails for off world 4 wheel drive racing and even rally racing.

Froza Horizon 3 Review - Skill Tree

If you ever wanted to take a Tesla or a Corvette to do burn out on the beach, you can in Froza Horizon 3 and that’s what makes it really cool. I like how unique, fun and different it is. There are other new additions in it like recruiting AI convoys that can follow you around and prompt you for new races. A thing I really like about this is that they have an Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood effect, where you can set them up to go out and race for you in the Festivals and they will win you bonuses, I like managing stuff like that.

Ultimately, the game looks pretty incredible and it has a sense of speed to it, no matter what car you drive you always feel like driving down a road at a fast speed and it is really great. Of course it is due to the controls with generally solid racing mechanics but also the visuals on Xbox One. I got to say that Froza Horizon 3 is one of the best looking Xbox One games.

And with the Xbox Play anywhere, I was able to check this game out on PC, and it looks even better. Obviously completely unhinged and completely unlocked. As a PC player, I really loved it on there as well. You really need to make a choice though, because only the Xbox One version of Froza Horizon 3 is going to have that HDR support. So, if you have a fancy TV and you do want to make most out of your Xbox One S or upcoming Xbox Scorpio, you might want to thing about that.

Froza Horizon 3 Review - Rare Cars

One thing that really annoyed me is that you have to unlock radio stations as you progress. It was pretty frustrated for me, because you know not everyone likes one kind of music. So, to be stuck with that for awhile is pretty lame. And if you are looking for more than just simple racing, you might be let down. Because there’s no deep story, there’s no cops and robber chases and there’s no nitrous button.

And I would also say another downer is race track designs, they are simply just OK, there’s nothing really memorable courses like you have in original Forza games. Overall, do not get me wrong, Froza Horizon 3 is probably going on to my game of the year list somewhere.

The driving mechanics and the world in Froza Horizon 3 really make a pretty awesome game. The car customization, multiplayer components, the music and the various different environments, when they all work together you will get a pretty incredible game.

If you got an Xbox One and may be if you are vaguely into racing games, I’d say definitely go and check out the Froza Horizon 3 Demo at the very least. But I’m gonna be real with you guys, I’m really enjoying Froza Horizon 3 a lot.