EA Sports UFC 2 Farming Coins

EA Sports UFC 2 Farming Coins

EA Sports UFC 2 Farming Coins

In this EA Sports UFC 2 Farming Coins guide we will tell you how you can get lots of coins in short period of time. You may be thinking that why you need coins? You need coins because in Ultimate Team Mode Coins are perceived as basic currency. More Coins you have the more you can do with your team and your team will be better than others.

Now you know why you need coins the next thing is from where you get these coins. Well there are plenty of things you can do to farm coins for your team, some of the ways are listed below;

The first thing you can do to have good amount of coins is that you can sell your Fight Packs. These fight packs have nothing useful so you should just sell them in exchange for coins. When you are on the Ultimate Team > Pack Rewards Screen you can see all your packs with their coin value and at the bottom right corner of the screen you can see two options “Sell” and “Sell All”. If any card seems useful just retain that one and sell others.

Another thing you can do to have coins even if you are not playing the game is that you can create a roster of Ultimate Team. These fighter in your team will fight in different matches and will bring lot of coins for you. You do not need to worry about any of their losses because these losses will not count towards you.

You can also play daily challenges to farm healthy amount of coins every day. These challenges will refresh after every 24 hours time period and you will have 5 daily challenges each time so playing these challenges will give you good amount of coins.

You can get amazing coin bonuses with KO your opponent in just under 13 Seconds in the first half of the match.

But If you prolong fights, it will also award you with more coins at the end of the match. Just resist your KO temptation and prolong the fight make a fight like a war and it will definitely bring more coins in your pockets.

If you still find it difficult to farm coins just watch the below video it will explain how you can easily gt more coins in the game. This video is made by MMAGAME and I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Original Source: videogamesblogger.com