Dying Light The Following Review

Dying Light The Following Review

Dying Light The Following Review

Dying Light The Following is the latest expansion pack for the universally acclaimed action and zombie survival parkour style video game. In Dying Light The Following Review, we’ll be talking about what is stored in this DLC for the dying light fans. Dying Light The Following DLC is fully packed with great story content, new map, weapons, missions and also featuring dirt buggies. The story is different from the one you have played in the original game but it really in syn with it providing epic experience.

The Following has a very vast map, well it is bigger than the original game but will less tall climbable structures and has more open grassy and farmlands. The story is genuine, distinct and well syn with the original title but with lots of twists and adventures. The main focus in the game is on the fully customizable dirt buggies which are truly awesome to ride.

Same as the original game, here in this expansion pack you need to complete various missions and quests to get the desired information to complete the story. The game starts with all your skills and levels so you do not need to start from the zero and worry about leveling up. You can start exploring right away, but be careful as the map is mostly consists of open grassy area and farmlands so there are less covers and you have to rely more on your firearms. Dying Light The Following is more focused on crowd control and spacing from the zombie hordes. For this, Dying Light The Following provides new weapons such as crossbow and other gears.

The survival mechanics are same, zombies are same but you are in different area dealing with different circumstances so you have to come up with new strategies to cope with these situations. They have updated the skill tree also and now you have extra spot for your buggy ride. Buggies are fragile and you constantly in need of gas, parts and other blueprints for your precious buggies. Buggy parts blueprints are same as weapon blueprints so you won’t be in trouble evaluating which blueprints are more important and which are not.

You can totally customize your buggies, customization does not stop at upgrades and parts but you have now paint job location for your buggies now where you can easily have your desired buggy look.  There are other weapon upgrades for your buggies too such as flamethrowers and land mines. In addition to that you can get safety upgrades for your buggies too such as nitro which is very useful when you are surrounded with zombie horde and need a quick escape.

There are various things to do with your buggy apart from just crushing zombies and exploring the land. You can compete in races and time trail challenges to have more fun and better parts blueprints for your buggy. As the map here in Dying Light The Following is of farmland kind the gameplay is more focused on dirt buggies and story narrative missions than using your parkour skills. This is better because now you have different sense of game for your to enjoy not the same as the original game Dying Light has truly evolved to new level.

And in all this open world action survival, Dirt Buggies fit right into the heart same as piece of jigsaw puzzle. The content, story, gameplay, graphics, visuals, and all other elements of the game are impressive, you get more like 10 hours of gameplay in Dying Light The Following with high quality content and exciting adventures.