Dark Souls 3 How to Find the Uchigatana

Dark Souls 3 How to Find the Uchigatana

Dark Souls 3 How to Find the Uchigatana

The Uchigatana is a really powerful weapon found in early areas of Dark Souls 3. Uchigatana is a katana-styled sword that has a bleeding effect, however this weapon offers low durability. Dark Souls 3 How to Find the Uchigatana guide will reveal the exact location where you can easily find this sword, as well as summary of weapon’s stats and moves.

First thing you will need to do is to progress through the game’s opening levels until you find the first boss of the game, Ludex Gundyr. Once you defeat Ludex Gundyr and opened a gate behind him, it is time to continue forward on the path.

But wait, do not enter Firelink Shrine just yet. Instead you will want to take left of the gate at and go to the top of the hill until you see a lone creature at the top of stairs.

This enemy is really tough and powerful, and if you are in early stages of your character progression, this enemy might overpower you. He uses the katana that has a bleeding effect and attacks pretty quickly, so just make sure you have Estus Flasks filled because you will need every last drop of Estus Flasks.

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The best way to deal with this enemy is to simply kick him off the cliff. But there’s no fun in that so we have found a way for you to easily kill this tough creature. Dodge his attacks and just wait for him to hold his sword to his side. That’s your chance to strike him and land a couple of attacks before rolling away from him and before he recovers and launch his attacks.

After defeating him just return to Ludex Gundyr bonfire and rest for a while. After resting return to the stairs, that tough enemy will be gone, and he will have dropped Master’s Gloves, the Master’s Attire armor, 2,000 Souls, and the Uchigatana.

Stats and Description of Uchigatana:

Stats and Description of Uchigatana

Uchigatana is a katana-styled weapon that causes bleeding in addition to the normal damage. This weapon have a low durability, so you will have to keep some Repair Powder all the time. While attacking, this weapon mostly relies on vertical slashing and thrusts. This is very helpful for small places and corridors, where horizontal slashing weapon normally strike against the walls.

If you want to wield Uchigatana, just make sure you have 11 STR and 16 DEX. Initially Uchigatana starts off with D rank in the Dexterity scaling, however it can be improved as you reinforce this weapon.

If you still facing difficulties in finding Uchigatana, just watch the below video;