Best Heroes in Overwatch for New Players

Best Heroes in Overwatch for New Players

Best Heroes in Overwatch for New Players

One thing that every gamer will notice when booting up the Overwatch for the very first time is the sheer volume of unique and different heroes that he has to choose from. There are 21 playable characters in the game which can be confusing and overwhelming at the same time for some players especially those who have not any experience of playing similar games based on plenty of Heroes.

Therefore, in Best Heroes in Overwatch for New Players guide we will help you select best Heroes in Overwatch according to four classes; Defense, Offense, Tank and Support. Offense class comprised of heavy hitter heroes who will land massive damage attacks to enemies. Defense class has heroes who are awesome at holding the enemies at their lines and stop them from advancing. Tank Heroes has higher HP than the rest of the Heroes and they are responsible for soaking most of the enemy damage. Last but not the least, Support Heroes have support skills such as healing other players in your team.

Best Offense Hero for New Players: Soldier 76

Best Heroes in Overwatch for New Players - Soldier 76

completely generic looking and feel is what makes Soldier 76 one of the best offense Heroes for any new player. His typical shooting style and standard rifle and grenade abilities makes him an easy character to really sink into. Because of his healing skill, Soldier 76 is one of the most powerful Heroes in Overwatch. It is pretty easy to start a game with Solider 76. But do not get fooled, because Soldier 76 may be one of the easiest character to start with but you will have to work hard to fully master Soldier 76 abilities and effectiveness on the battlefield.

Best Defense Hero for New Players: Bastion

Best Heroes in Overwatch for New Players - Bastion

Bastion is a robot with special skills such as he can transform into a turret. In a turret form he can fire plenty of shots while remaining protected with a deployable shield. The deployable shield automatically activates whenever Bastion transforms into a turret. Bastion also has a Tank like configuration which allows him to fire off high damaging cannonballs which when used correctly, annihilate the enemy. Same as Soldier 76 above, Bastion feels  like a standard character for a FPS Hero based game but it’s really good to start a game with an easy character that you can master comfortably.

Best Tank Hero for New Players: Reinhardt

Best Heroes in Overwatch for New Players - Reinhardt

In Overwatch every Tank Character has something unique and different but Reinhardt is one of the simplest Tank Heroes. One of the best things about Reinhardt is that he can protect his teammates and himself with massive shield which really makes him a valuable member of the squad. As a Tank Reinhardt has plenty of HP that helps him to keep alive on the battlefield. Reinhardt may not be one of the fastest Hero, but once you learn and master his abilities you can zip in and out of a battle with providing maximum protection to your team and damage to your enemy.

Best Support Hero for New Players: Lucio

Best Heroes in Overwatch for New Players - Lucio

Lucio is one of my favorite support Heroes in Overwatch, Lucio is actually one of the easiest support hero that you can get used to. He features two radiating team buffs; healing aura and a speed buff. These abilities make him extremely valuable in battles. He moves pretty quickly as compared to other Heroes in the game, and the healing aura of Lucio will allow you to get into a flow by keeping your squad members alive and fully productive so that they can eliminate enemies. Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier can deal a great amount of damage making him pretty valuable support character. And Sound Barrier skill of Lucio is also very useful for holding enemies when your squad members start to die.

These are the 4 best heroes in Overwatch for new players, Which other heroes do you like to start your game with, feel free to tell us in the comments below!