Battleborn Unlock Golden Skins with Shift Codes

Battleborn Unlock Golden Skins with Shift Codes

Just like Borderlands Battleborn also supports Shift Codes, you can receive various items, Character Skins, Character Heads, Taunts, Rare Weapons and other powerful items with these Shift Codes. Remember one thing that these Shift Codes are tend to expire after a certain time period, usually these codes expire in one week or when certain number of people (approx. 10,000) have used them so you should act fast.

You can use this Shift Code (PC/Xbox One/PlayStation 4) to unlock 3 Golden Skins for your heroes: SWKTB-356W6-XC5RJ-XK6T3-HJ333

Claim the above Shift Codes ASAP it will give you 3 Golden Skins: ISIC ‘I’m the Root of All Evil’, the Shayne and Aurox ‘War and Peace’ and Benedict ‘Gold Eagle’! Once you have redeemed this Code, the things you received in exchange have no expiration date at all. So you can keep everything you receive permanently. However, if you wait, the above Shift Code may expire and no longer be valid.

To Redeem the above shift code, you need to register at SHiFT website, fill out the details and sign in to your account. Start your game and in main menu to ‘Extras’ in additional content and there select SHiFT Codes. After that you have to link your SHiFT account to PSN for PlayStation 4 users, Xbox Live for Xbox One users and Steam for PC users. After linking your account just follow the code redemption on-screen instructions.

Bonus Battleborn Golden Skin:

You can get the Orendi ‘Show Me Them Guts’ Golden skin by downloading Battleborn Tap App for your Android/Apple smart phone. just Sign into your Battleborn Tap App on your phone and press the Home tab, then press Shift to connect to your Shift account. Once done, you will get ‘Battleborn Tap Reward’. You can use Battleborn Tap App to unlock different exclusive rewards on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 in Battleborn.

The above video is created by GosuNoob, I hope you guys will enjoy it! And check back for more shift codes, we will update this page when we find new Shift codes for Battleborn.