Aragami Game Walkthrough

Aragami Game Walkthrough

Aragami Game Walkthrough

Aragami is an action adventure stealth video game from Lince Works, a Spanish game developer. In the game you will play as Aragami who is a ninja assassin with powerful supernatural abilities. Aragami was originally named as “Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows”. It was released on 4th October, 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4. The game will get a release date for Xbox One in near future.

As we mentioned earlier that you play as Aragami, who has the ability to control shadows. You as an Aragami is a result of a ritual. Yamiko summoned you to take revenge from Kaiho clan who killed various people and took the land form Yamiko and her people. Yamiko is a young girl and imprisoned in a city fortress of Kyuryu.

You will embark on a dark journey full of secrets and blood. You will try to infiltrate Kyuryu using your supernatural abilities. It’s a classic stealth-action game where the choice is yours that how you want to complete a mission. You can use stealth tactics and complete your missions without killing anyone or you can just approach all enemies head on.

There are two ways to get S ranks in your missions. You will get an extra emblem for taking out all the soldiers and you will also get an extra emblem for not killing anyone in your missions. So, ultimately the game supports both styles, now the choice is yours which route you take to complete the game.

Aragami Game Walkthrough:

In Aragami Game Walkthrough we will present you a complete game with beginning to the ending moments including some strategy and gameplay tips for this stealth action game Aragami. Thanks to Centerstrain01 for these following walkthrough videos, I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Aragami Game Walkthrough – Chapter 1:

Aragami Game Walkthrough – Chapter 2:

Aragami Game Walkthrough – Chapter 3:

Aragami Game Walkthrough – Chapter 4:

Aragami Game Walkthrough – Chapter 5:

Aragami Game Walkthrough – Chapter 6:

Aragami: Game Walkthrough – Chapter 7:

This walkthrough guide is work-in-progress and we will update this guide with more walkthrough videos for Aragami soon, so stay tuned.